Cowboy Calligraphy

HIGH ON TYPE   06 December 2019



Cowboys have very distinctive letters. Sometimes these were made with movable type, but often these were drawn by hand. Learning to write letters by hand can help us to better understand how these letters are made. It can also help us invent new and exciting letters, in the style of the cowboys. High on Type collective provides the following materials to help any and all cowboys to create their own writings system.

What You Need:

  1. Calligraphy Brush & Pointed Brush
  2. India Ink
  3. Paper
  4. A Healthy Dose of Patience

Step 1: Learn the Classic Calligraphy Styles
This is the most important step. Provided below are four fancy manuals for different Calligraphic Styles. They work well as print outs.

  1. Roman

  2. Blackletter

  3. Cursive

  4. Pointed Brush Script

Step 2: Write Cooker
Once you’ve become proficient in the classic calligraphic writing styles, you can play with different variables to generate new letters. For example: what if you letters were three times as tall? What if you held you brush at a very different angle? Use the following manual as a jumping off place:

  1. Write Cooker

Step 3: Share Your New Letters With the World!
Once you come up with your new writing system, you can submit it to the Cowboy Collective!