The Cowboy Collective is a free-range group of artists making Creative Commons cowboy-themed art!

We are looking to empower everyone to be a cowboy by offering resources and an inclusive space to make and share cowboy art! You can learn more about our mission by reading the manifesto.

We are offering a $1000 REWARD for making a music video to one of the songs in Songs of the Cowboy. Head over to to learn more.

Everything that is here on the site is Creative Commons, which means you are free to download, remix, and make your own! Just make sure to give us a little shout-out when you do!

How do I become a Cowboy Collective Card Carrying Cowboy?

We have a saying around these parts which is “anyone can be a cowboy,” and we mean it! Everything here was made by people like you, and submitting work to be included in the archives is easy!

When you submit work, you will automatically be given a place over in our Cowboys page as a Cowboy Collective Card Carrying Cowboy! Work can be as simple as a poem you wrote or as complex as a video game, and nothing is too weird or too normal!

If you can’t contribute art, you can also contribute money. Doing so will also get you a place on the Cowboy Collective Card Carrying Cowboy section, and all money contributed will go towards making more cowboy art!

Mosey on over to the contribute section to learn more!

Keep in Touch

If you like what we’re doing here and you want to get occasional updates, sign up to our “Cowboy Mail” newsletter. We’ll do a Cowboy Collective round up to give you the highlights!

If you want to reach out, but you aren’t submitting anything, just send a letter to or write to one of our Sheriffs!

Hope to hear from you soon!