Sheriff's Handbook

COLBE SCHICATANO   01 December 2019


HANDS:( With gleaming swiss army knife hands, you reach to your belt.)

shocking like an atom bomb, rocking like a carriage

across the rocks and painted hills, a perfectly mannered marriage

A MOUTH:( Sipping on expired Tang from an heirloom flask. Gold.)

puckered lips (n) - two parallel sides of a canyon colliding on a single stick of dynamite, said to keep their soft insides from turning into piles of ashes.

A TONGUE: ( To feed them)




HEELS:( Adorned with a rattler’s fangs)

venom rips through red blood, forming whirling tide pools of toxicity that are: 1.) furious 2.) frantic 3.) and frigid…but a sheriff runs faster.

EYES:( You don’t need to squint at night)

off the mirrored glass plains cut out by the desert sun the moon illuminates yellow pupils at the end of Long. Gun. Barrels.