Pre-Photoshopped Cowboy Hat Pack

OWEN EARL   03 December 2019

Cowboy Representation!


cowboy hat gif

Oh Hi Howdy!

I was watching this music video from the Taylor Swift song You Need to Calm Down. The song is a real banger, and I love the messaging in it, but something occurred to me… There’s hardly a cowboy in it!

In fact, there’s only one cowboy I could spot in the entire music video and he’s tucked away in the corner. SAD!! the one cowboy in the video

The song is all about representation, but I feel the cowboys are a little underrepresented here…

Now that's more like it Now THAT’S more like it!

You know, Taylor Swift started out as a country artist, and the way the cowboys are represented in this video makes me feel like she’s ashamed of her cowboy past. THIS IS SO SAD!! Being a cowboy is nothing to be ashamed of Taylor! Cowboys can be lovers too!!

drag show We all have crowns? More like we all have COWBOY HATS!

drag show A movement I can really get behind!

Anyway, I’m releasing a Pre-Photoshopped Cowboy Hat Pack. That way if you’re out and about on the internet and you feel the way the cowboys are being represented is a little lacking, you can just pop one of these bad boys on there, and blamo! Cowboy representation!

Help spread our message of cowboy love and inclusivity by inserting these Pre-Photoshopped Cowboy Hats everywhere!

I want the number of cowboy hats in this zip file to get to a million, so you can also help the cause by making and contributing some Pre-Photoshopped Cowboy Hat images!

Love to see what y’all do with this!

Mona Lisa Winking and with Cowboy Hat