Cowboy Collective Card Creation

OWEN EARL   08 December 2019



Example Cards

Here at Cowboy Collective, we have quite a few Card Carrying Cowboys. Becoming recognized as a Card Carrying Cowboy on the site is easy! All you have to do is contribute.

But what about actually getting a physical card? You can’t be a Card Carrying Cowboy if you ain’t got a card to carry.

That’s why I’m releasing the Cowboy Collective Card Creation resource pack! Inside you will find some templates, some resource images, as well as some finished cards to help you make your very own Cowboy Collective Card.

I want everyone’s card to be as unique and stylish as the cowboy that carries it, so you’re encouraged to use these resources as a jumping off place, not the end all be all of cowboy cards. Feel free to draw your own card by hand or carve it into a block of cheese!

For the lazy, I’ve included a template where all you have to do is sign your name.

To make my card, I’m using the same software and resources as I did in my WANTED posters, so if you’re wondering what fonts I’m using or things of that nature, read up on the WANTED posters.

I really hope you make something fun, and I really hope you contribute your cards to the archives!