Cowboy Man - DEMO

OWEN EARL   10 December 2019

The snapchat that started it all!

Exactly one year ago today I posted the following video on my snapchat story:

I have an ongoing project on my snapchat where I write little “odes” to people and things. These have included ode to Madi’s new Glasses and ode to Error 404 page not found. They’re one-minute songs that share something that’s on my mind. Part of the joy of these songs is that they’re ephemeral. We will never know what ode to Crack in the Wall sounded like. The moment has passed.

This ode started out in a similar fashion. I was playing around with the Lene Lovich song One Lonely Heart on the piano, and through reinterpretation and experimentation transformed it into this little ode to a kind-heated cowboy who wonders what his legacy will be.

It was a rough and fun idea celebrating something on my mind. I thought it would disappear.

The next day I was still thinking about it, though, and I decided I wanted to record a proper version.

I spent the next ten days writing and recording the songs in Songs of the Cowboy (Vol.1).

The rest, as they say, is history.


Earlier this week I was going through my saved snapchats and found ode to Cowboy Man. This is the only “ode” I’ve ever saved. I must have known something on a subconscious level that I wouldn’t realize consciously for almost another year.

The demo is included in the Songs of the Cowboy (Vol. 1) - REMIX STEMS album.