Writing a Cowboy Song for my European Friends

OWEN EARL   29 March 2020

writing a song from scratch!


Last week I played some cowboy songs out of my window to hopefully lift spirits in this difficult time. Here is the link to that post.

When I put the signs up I committed to doing something for three weeks, so this Monday I found myself wondering what I should do. I didn’t want to just play the same songs again.

I decided I would try and compose an original cowboy song on the spot. I didn’t prepare anything before hand, so this felt like a bit of a high-wire act.

I tried to explain what I was doing while I was doing it. This was very much an experiment, but I might be interested in trying this again sometime.

In addition to the version here, I released an unedited version. That can be viewed here.

We will see what happens next week!