There Ain't Room in this Town for the Both of Us Music Video

LEO AND WARWICK   16 August 2020

Lovingly created for the Cowboy Collective

Often times cowboys are portrayed as rugged, grizzly men, who are strictly masculine. Our cowboy defies these strong gender roles to show his true cowboy colors. He doesn’t wear shoes, his nails are painted, he has earrings, and he wears bright, fun colors. Our cowboy is not afraid of what other people will think of him because, like a true cowboy, he is brave and follows his heart. We think that this representation will shine light on the harsh reality of toxic masculinity. The tortoise represents the slow moving, stubbornness of society and their ideas on masculinity. By having the cowboy challenge the tortoise to a shoot out, the cowboy is standing up for the right to be himself. Although the cowboy is killed, he stays true to himself to the very end and paves the way for more creative cowboys to continue challenging society, until one day they over power it.