$1,000 Reward

Howdy! The Cowboy Collective is on the SEARCH for an original music video to accompany a MINUTE LONG COWBOY SONG! All cowboys (you don’t have to be a boy to be a cowboy!) can apply with their ideas for a MUSIC VIDEO, and if selected they will receive a $1000 REWARD to help create their art!

Once the first round of 10 music videos are made, a second round will start, so if you don’t get selected in the first round YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE!

All cowboy art is included in the Cowboy Collective, so you are welcome to make a music video even if you didn’t get the reward, and that video will be included in the Cowboy Collective Archives!

Step 01: Pick a Song

What’s a music video without some music to go with it? The Cowboy Collective has released the album “Songs of the Cowboy (Vol. 1)”, a collection of ten cowboy songs, each only a minute long!

The Cowboy Collective will only pick one person/group per song. Songs that have already been awarded to someone will have a black star (★) next to them. As of right now, “Lonely Cowboy” has already been awarded to a group of cowboys.

Of course, if you have an amazing idea for a music video to a song that’s already been taken, you are still encouraged to make the video. You can still submit it to be included in the Cowboy Collective Archives. You just can’t be awarded the $1,000 bounty.

Once round 1 is complete, a new volume of cowboy songs will be released, so you will always get another chance at the $1,000.

Step 02: Propose Your Idea

This is of course “Lonely Cowboy” by founding member Colbe Schicatano and friends.

The Cowboy Collective is looking for music videos that tell a story. Videos that say something unique and personal, or offer new ideas of what a cowboy might do or be. Use this as an opportunity to express your voice, not just make a little cash.

Once you have a proposal, you can submit it over at our proposal portal, where it will be reviewed by the team. We will get back to you one way or another!

Step 03: Make a Music Video

If you get selected the Cowboy Collective will award you half of the money upfront. That’s $500!

You will then have a MAXIMUM of TWO MONTHS to make the video! Use these funds to help make your video. Maybe you need to buy a camera or some nice cowboy hats. The Cowboy Collective might check in with you during this time, but it really is your project. We do love updates, however, and if you are really feeling stuck maybe you can submit a post to the Collective and see if a community member reaches out with expertise!

Step 04: Claim Your Bounty!

Once you finish the music video you, can submit it to be included in the Cowboy Collective archives. It is at this point that you will be awarded the second half of the money. Do with it whatever you like, but we do hope you’ll use it to continue making art!

Other Thoughts

  1. If you do get selected to receive a $1,000 bounty, you will not be eligible to apply again. We want to support a diversity of creators, and help keep the chances higher for those that haven’t been selected.

  2. You can, however, propose more than one video. This will certainly help your chances! Maybe the song you like is really popular and your second choice is less so.

  3. We are looking for people who have good ideas, but can also follow through and get the job done. If you don’t already have a compelling existing body of work, perhaps you can make something for the collective now, and apply later!

Take me to the Proposal Portal!