Hand Making WANTED Posters

OWEN EARL   17 December 2019



Hey Y’all!

We’re about ready to start seriously promoting the Cowboy Collective, and what better way to do that, then to stick up some WANTED posters?

I wanted to encourage everyone to find ways to make these posters their own, so I figured I’d do some handwritten posters, because hand writing is always kind of unique to the person doing it.

High on Type has some instructions on making Cowboy Calligraphy, which which you can follow to make your own cowboy writing system!

Regardless, here are some notes and pictures documenting my process.

Image one

First, I printed out some posters and got paper in the same size.

Image two

I then drew guide lines in pencil, copying the layout of the poster.

Image three

Then I added the text, following High on Type’s instructions on making cowboy letters. One of the features of this era of letter making is a playful experimentation with the traditional rules.

Image three

Finally, I scanned it into the computer so I could make some more print outs.

I wanted to experiment with making a really big poster, so I bought the biggest piece of paper I could afford, and followed the same process.

Image three

I really like how the letters in “WANTED” came out, and I think I’ll experiment with them in the future!

The .zip file includes black and white copies of my handwritten WANTED posters, so you can help get the word out by printing some out and posting them around!